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Book Your Treatments Today!

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How To Book Your Treatments

To book your own healing treatments is easy. Just text first or phone our healer Tony on the number below for an informal friendly chat about your current issues

079 75 88 97 57

If Tony is unavailable when you text or phone him on the day, don't worry


Just text him on the number below with your short details as seen in steps 1-3  below


Or phone his number below and leave your short details via voice message as seen in steps 1-3  below

Tony will get back to you asap

We need this info as our healer Tony will be visiting you at your home or flat which is called an 'Out call'


This will save you both the time and hassle of having to travel to us

Please note. Withheld & Anonymous Calls & Texts will be ignored

079 75 88 97 57


1.  Your first name

2.  Your address + full postcode

3.  Now choose your ideal treatment dates and times below and text these to us asap

12 midday - 9pm

Monday - Sunday

+ Most Bank Holidays


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Pay Now

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

A healing treatment cost just £65 per hour There are different payment options available to you when paying for your own healing treatments with our healer Tony on the day


Want to pay by PayPal? Just click or tap on the PayPal button above and make your quick pre-payment now

Your PayPal payment will be made to us at:


Want to book more healing treatments?

Just repeat the same steps above for each extra hour's healing treatment you want


Cash & Cheques

However if you wish to pay by cash or cheque you may do so on the day of your healing treatment


Whichever way you pay our healer Tony will give you a written receipt on the day


But if you have pre-paid by PayPal you will automatically get an email receipt on the day of your payment from PayPal

Problems etc?

Phone or Text Tony to:

079 75 88 97 57


or email Tony direct to :

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