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Your Menopause
Timelines & Results

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Your Timelines

The timelines for potentially reducing or eliminating your menopause symptoms like daily hot flashes and night sweats, using our magnetic selfie healing service or free trials, should be under 10 days or even sooner


Remember. Everyone is different because their bodies work at different rates

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Your Results & Feedback

Once your daily hot flashes and night sweats have been successfully eliminated, you should experience the return of your lost menstrual cycles within a matter of days or weeks thereafter

When this happens please get in touch with Tony, your magnetic healer, and give him your feedback and results asap so he can monitor your recent successes. How?


Just text or email him below at any time you like. Please include your first name and your country

Text to:


079 75 88 97 57


+44 79  75 88 97 57

email to:

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