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Fertility & Menopause Self-Healing PAYGO Monthly!

After you have completed your free self-healing trial under our Free Million Menopause Challenge, what now?


Want to continue self-healing your fertility or menopause and conditions like you did during your Free Million Menopause & Fertility Challenge? Well now you can


Just pay GB £39.00 or US $49.00 a month by Paypal on a Pay-As-You-Go! basis


That works out at just GB £1.30 or US $1.64 a day.  Great Value! Very Low Prices!


View more details below ...


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Pay Now

Just click or tap on the yellow PayPal button below and make your monthly £39.00 or $49.00 payment to us at:

A new window will open for your payment


Repeat this same step every 30 days to continue using our magnetic self-healing menopause service

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Cancel & Re-Start Anytime

You can cancel your monthly PayPal payments at any time you choose by just logging into your own PayPal account and cancel your payment from there


You can also re-start making your monthly PayPal payments again at any time you like if you want to re-start your self-healing exercises as before. Interested?

Just scroll up this page and then click or tap on the PayPal button above and make your monthly PayPal payment when you are ready to do so

Once you have made your monthly PayPal payment, immediately text us your selfie / photo to us again using either apps WhatsApp or Signal


Done? We will texted you back on the day to confirm you can continue to do your self-healing fertility or menopause exercises. Simple!

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