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Check Your LONDON Distances

view quick details below

City Map with Braille

London Radius Only

To check that you are within the 15 miles radius of our healer Tony who is based in Camden Town LONDON UK - just click or tap on this link when you are ready to check your distance

A new window will open

Before you click or tap on the above link, here is a quick example of how to check your own distances

In 1st the blank box you see in the new webpage named Distance from

- always insert your own location

For example Kingsbury UK

In the 2nd blank box you see named Distance to

- always insert Camden Town UK

Now click or tap on the blue button Measure Distance to measure your own distance


Plus view the map below the blue button for easy guidance. That's it

view more details below

Discovered Your Distance?

Just click or tap on the back button < of your browser to return to our Homepage now

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