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Dyslexia Help

Do you have Dyslexia? Do you want to get quick healing help in a brand new non-invasive way? Which is 100% natural and with zero side effects too? And learn something completely new about Dyslexia unknown to both Western medicine and science to this day?  Then help is now at hand! Get your free 30 minutes healing trial today without any obligations guaranteed.  Interested?

Contact Tony Today

Just text or phone Tony direct with your first name, age, and country, to any of these UK based mobile phone numbers below, to get your free healing trial now.  You can do your free trial by WhatsApp, Skype, Social Media Platforms, or

Face2Face - UK only


079 75 88 97 57

079 15 35 94 50


+44 79 75 88 97 57

+44 79 15 35 94 50

Problems?  Qs&As?

Just email us direct at:

Treatments & Results

So how do our healing treatments work in practice when done face2face? Our healer Tony simply places both his hands near both sides of the ears


Within just seconds or minutes a patient normally feels 2 strange events. The 1st one is a rocking sensation inside the left or right side of the brain. This will be determined if a person is left or right handed. The 2nd event is the body itself gently sways left and right. These events could last around 50 minutes or more depending on the situation. Remember. Everyone is different

At some stage the patient will no longer feel these 2 strange events and this will indicate the treatment is finished. The patient can then return home

The patient may discover in the coming days or weeks ahead that their reading and writing may have suddenly improved. Or there may be no improvements at all

Tony recommends a further 3-5 healing treatments at 1 hour each, to achieve a potentially good result for you. These are charged at £70 per hour.  Book as many hours you want on the day. So want more healing treatments?  Just click or tap on the yellow Buy Now button below and make your quick pre-payment today!  Or you can pay cash on the day. You decide

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