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Hello and welcome to the magical world of Magnetic Selfie Healing!

Unlock the hidden secrets of using your very own selfie for potentially better health and wellbeing. How? By just taking up your Free 1 Day Selfie Healing Trial and doing some very simple daily exercises at 30 minutes per day, at any location of your own choosing 24/7 day or night. You decide

Ideal For Every Day Problems

Your Free Selfie Healing Trial could potentially help to sooth or heal your current conditions regardless of the labels in a brand new way.  These could include tons of every day problems like back issues, back pain, headaches, migraines, fertility problems, the menopause, early or peri-menopause, reversing the female menopause and its symptoms, arthritis, rheumatism, pain, fatigue, low energy levels, age related problems, viruses, etc

Why We Need Your Selfie

Why do we need your selfie? Because it acts like any invisible bridge or a wifi connection to our healer Tony in real time. This in turn allows his magnetic healing energy to quickly connect to you in just seconds anywhere in the world, so that it powers your free trial and daily exercises.  When your free trial ends, we will immediately delete your selfie permanently

Start Your Free 1 Day Trial Today!

Just follow these simple steps now ...

Text Your Selfie + Your First Name Via WhatsApp To:

UK Residents:
079 15 35 94 50


Or Abroad Residents:
+44 79 15 35 94 50


Or email Your Selfie + Your First Name To:


Once we have received your selfie, we will then contact you to confirm your free trial can go ahead

How To Do Your Daily Exercises

Just click or tap on either links below to guide you on what you need to do so that your free trial works for you as it should:

Always use a long mirror

How to do your free trial daily exercises

Return To This Page

Just click or tap on the back button < on the top left or bottom left corner of your window, to return to this page after you have viewed each of these pages. See next line below

To Get The Most Benefits

To get the most benefits out of this free trial, we strongly recommend you do at least 30 minutes daily exercises on the day of your free trial, be that in the morning, afternoon or night 24/7.  And you can extend this 30 minutes time frame to whatever time you like. The more time you do the merrier!

Your Video Records

You can also video your free trial exercises using your smartphone video camera or whatever other device you choose to use so you have your very own video records.  Just 1 to 3 minutes videoing is ideal for each video record

Your Whole Body In The Frame

Just make sure your whole body is in the video frame when self videoing your free trial exercises. For example from head to toe. Check your viewfinder before you start videoing!  Just click or tap on the link below to view this position. Then return to this spot:


Choose Your Distances

Show Your Friends & Family

Once you have shot your video records, you can keep these private on your device. Or show them to your friends and family if you want to. You decide

Upload Videos To The Internet

You can also if you want to, upload your free trial video records to the internet like YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Again you decide

Qs&As & Feedback

Text These Via WhatsApp To:

UK Residents:
079 15 35 94 50

Abroad Residents:

+44 79 15 35 94 50

Or Send These By email To:


After Your Free Trial Ends, What Now?

We will immediately delete your selfie on the very day your free trial ends. This will mean that your free trial and daily exercises will no longer work for you as the invisible 'wifi' connection between you and our healer will have been broken


However if you would like to continue using this magnetic selfie healing service to help heal and sooth your current conditions, you can do so on a simple 'Pay-As-You-Go!'  bases. How?

Pay £50 a month by PayPal

That works out at just around £1.65 per day!  Just click or tap on the PayPal button below to make your quick monthly payment now and repeat this monthly:

Or Subscribe At £50 Per Month

You can also pay your £50 per month by Subscription. Just log into your PayPal account and set this up under Subscriptions


Cancelling & Re-Subscribing

3 days before each 30 days or month runs out, you can cancel your next monthly PayPal or monthly Subscriptions to us at any time you like. And you can also re-subscribe again whenever you like too by just repeating the same steps you took before


Re-Start Your Daily Exercises

Whenever you re-subscribe, just contact us on the day. We will then email or text you back on the day to confirm you can re-start your self-healing daily exercises immediately. This will cover the usual 30 days a month period

Text Your Selfie Again Via WhatsApp to:

UK Residents:
079 15 35 94 50

Or Abroad Residents:

+44 79 15 35 94 50

Or Re-send Your Selfie via email to:


You Are In Control

Do as many self-healing exercises as you like and as often as you like and at any locations you like, be that indoors or outdoors, gyms, sports centers, etc  You decide!


30 Minutes Daily

We strongly recommend you do at least 30 minutes daily exercises as a bare minimum to get the most benefit from your self-healing exercises

A General Rule Of Thumb

As a general rule of thumb, the more daily exercises you do, the quicker you should achieve your goals.  Otherwise that's it. Your sorted!

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