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How Self-Healing Works

Hello and welcome to the magical hidden world of magnetic selfie self-healing, a brand new natural way to self-heal your everyday conditions, from the simple to the complex, BIG and small

Unlock the hidden and explosive potential of your own selfie or photo like never before!

So how does this unique magnetic self-healing service work in practice? Want to find out? Well here's how it works



For this self-healing service to work for you, all you have to do is to simply take a quick selfie or photo of yourself using your own smartphone or other device


You then email or text it by WhatsApp to our magnetic healer Tony, who is based in London in the UK


Once Tony has received your selfie or photo, this will immediately connect you to him like an invisible wifi connection


Tony will then email or text you back to confirm he has safely received your selfie or photo, which will then be immediately stored on a secure flash drive, disconnected to any device or the internet

Your selfie or photo will never appear on this app / website without your written consent, so no one else can ever see it, giving you complete piece of mind



To continue. This wifi connection in turn will connect you immediately to Tony's magnetic healing power which will then power all your self-healing exercises during your free trial period

Then all you will need to do is do some very simple exercises at just 30 minutes a day at any locations you choose, indoors or outdoors, day or night. You decide

Sounds out of this world but this is how magnetic selfie self-healing therapy actually works in practice


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More About Self-Healing

Amazingly this self-healing trial works in just seconds or minutes, over any distances from 00's to 000's of miles across the globe


This is because any kind of energy can travel at lightening speed to anywhere across the world, regardless of the distances involved


Just approach this magnetic selfie self-healing trial with an open mind and a willing heart and give it a try. And remember. It won't cost you a dime either. Interested?


So to get your free self-healing trial started today by simply following Steps 1-6 on the next page you see, just click or tap on this blue button below


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