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Self-Healing Novelty Jewelry
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Hello and welcome to our novelty self-healing jewelry page!


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A Brand New Idea

This is a brand new novelty idea. Our magnetic healer Tony, has simply energized these costume jewelry pieces, that could potentially help people to self-heal many different types of conditions from the simple to the complex, in a brand new and innovative way never before seen or experienced because this concept is so new

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Simple Daily Exercises

To get the most out of our self-healing novelty jewelry, you just have to wear our novelty jewelry and do some very simple daily exercises at anytime, anywhere you like 24/7. You decide! 

Or you can just follow the above steps and use our novelty self-healing jewelry for just fun and relaxation etc. It's what you make it on the day!

All our self-healing novelty jewelry items come with a life-time Guarantee! Interested?

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