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To qualify for your free 40 minutes healing treatment, just make sure you live within a 10 miles radius of Belsize Park LONDON  NW3.  So check your own radius or distance by just clicking or tapping on this link  now 


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Do you live more than 10 miles away from Belsize Park LONDON NW?  Or anywhere else in the UK?  Do you still want your free 40 minutes face2face healing treatment with our magnetic healer Tony?


Then just get in touch at anytime with Tony by contacting him direct at any time you like

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Apply Today!

Now just text or phone our healer Tony direct today with your quick details

For example your first name, your current condition/s and your London postcode, to our mobile phone number below

Tony will then sort out a time for your choice healing date. Simple

We need your address + postcode, so our magnetic healer Tony can visit your home or flat where your free healing treatment will take place. Your own doctor or GP call this a typical 'outcall'



079 75 88 97 57

Contact Us  Inquiries  Qs&As?

Just email us direct at:

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What To Expect & Results

So how does your free healing treatment work in practice when done face2face with your magnetic healer Tony?


Tony will visit you at your home like an outcall. When your free healing treatment begins Tony will ask you to place your body between 2 of his golden solar healing panels like the ones you can see on this page


Within just seconds or minutes you will  feel Tony's magnetic energy gently scanning your body in order to find and fix your current conditions, BIG or small regardless of the labels


You may also feel your body gently swaying or spinning around, which could last for some time depending on your conditions on the day​. After your free healing treatment has finished, Tony will then end your free trial

Normally you should feel an immediate release of the issues you have after your free trial has ended, which could be just temporary or lasting. So what happens after you free healing treatment ends?

Tony recommends 1 or 2 hours per week with him in person, to achieve a potentially good result for you. These treatments are charged at just £75.00 per hour. Book as many hours as you want on the day or week. You decide


So want more healing treatments? Just click or tap on the yellow Buy Now PayPal button below and make your quick pre-payment today! Repeat for each hour's treatment

A new window will open for you to make your quick payment to us at:


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Or you can pay cash or cheque on the day. You decide. Tony will give you a receipt on the day

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