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Hello Ladies. Welcome to our Magical Magnetic Healing Jewelry page. This is a brand new self-healing aid and concept which could potentially sooth and help you to self-heal your current problems in a brand new way, regardless of the labels you have


How & When To Use Your Magnetized Pearl Healing Necklace

Just wear your magnetized pearl healing necklace combined with some simple daily exercises to get the most benefit from them as seen on this app/ website. Simple!

5 Simple Steps To Purchase Your Necklace

1.  View and choose which coloured pearl healing necklace you want to buy on this page

2.  Then text or call us your choice on our phone number at the bottom of this page.

You can also do this by emailing us to:

3.  Then click or tap on the orange PayPal BUY NOW button below and make your quick purchase

 4.  Repeat for each coloured pearl healing necklace you want to buy

5.  We will text or email you a receipt on the day regarding your purchase from

Your Sorted!

Your Purchase Details

Purchase Your Very Own Magnetized Pearl Healing Necklace Today at just £80

Includes £10 for p&p, Shipping & Tracking Number

Shipped Within 7 Working Days Of Your Order

With Text Or email Dispatching Your Order To You

All Our Pearl Healing Necklaces Fully Charged Forever

All Pearl Necklaces Are Costume Jewelry

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Back Guaranteed If You Are Not Completely Satisfied

Contact Us If This Applies To You

All Pearl Necklace Sizes:

Pearl Sizes:   18mm

Length:   47cm or 18.5"

Adjustable to:   54cm or 21.25"

Your FAQs & Feedback



Text Or Call Us To:

079 75 88 97 57


Text Or Call Us To:

+44 79 75 88 97 57

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